steel access panel

Customed Hvac Ceiling Galvanized Steel Waterproof Spring Loaded Access Panel Manufacturer AD-GC

VAIRTECH high quality galvanised steel metal ceiling access panel door with a security lock hinged is designed to cover plumbing, electrical wiring etc.

Product Specification:
  • Shape : Square
  • Size : Any Size Available
  • Standard Color : RAL9016, 9010
  • Type : Ceiling Tiles
  • Materail : galvanized steel
  • Material Thickness : 0.8mm
  • Surface finish : Powder coated
  • Place to install : Wall, Ceil
Product Details

• Designed for use in acoustical plaster walls and ceilings

Product Features:
• Door is recessed 5/8" and is lined with self-furring lath
• Expansion casing bead with 3" wide galvanized lath

ceiling hatch door

Access Door Specifications:
Material: Steel or Stainless Steel: 16 gage door, 14 gage mounting frame
Door: Recessed 5/8" and lined with self-furring galvanized lath
Door Frame: Expansion casing bead with 3" wide galvanized lath, 
recessed 3/4" to receive plaster
Hinge: Concealed, pivoting rod type. (For wall applications, a continuous 
exposed piano hinge is suggested.)
Standard Latch:Flush to surface, screwdriver operated cam latch
Optional Latches/Locks:Cylinder lock and key, allen head cam latch, 
spanner head cam latch
Finish: Steel: 5-stage iron phosphate preparation with prime coat of White 
alkyd baked-on enamel
AVAILABLE SIZES(Special sizes available upon request)

hidden ceiling attic access door


  • Any size available  
  • Standard size


Item Code A =Neck size(mm) Face Size(mm)
AD-GH-200 200x200 260x260
AD-GH-300 300x300 360x360
AD-GH-400 400x400 460x460
AD-GH-450 450x450 510x510
AD-GH-600 600x600 660x660

rectangular access panel


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