Hvac System Galvanized Steel Original Silver Metal Neck Adapter Connector To Round Duct NA-R

VAIRTECH square to round neck adaptor is designed for connecting the ceiling diffusers and flexible ducts directly, manufactured from galvanised sheet metal.

Product Specification:
  • 1. This adapter is designed to connect diffuser and flexible duct pipe. :
  • 2. The advantages of convenient installation, disassembly and maintenance. :
  • 3. Made of galvanized steel. :
  • 4. Standard color spray paint can be provided accord :
Product Details


  • Structure:  galvanized sheet.
  • Size: any size available to match air diffuser/grille & duct
  • c/w round volume control damper

Metal Neck Adapter Connector

Square To Round Neck Adaptor


Neck Adapter For Air Conditioner

HVAC Manual Neck Adaptor without clips

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