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Hvac System Ventilation Aluimunum Air Supply Ceiling Round Air Diffusers Factory RD-A1

Round ceiling diffuser, also named round air diffuser, round ceiling vent, Round duct supply diffuser grille provides air deflections in 360 direction the diffuser rings, is the most common one in the hvac industry.

Product Specification:
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Finished : Powder coated or anodized
  • Color : White Ral9016/9010
  • Function : Ventilate
  • Size : Customized
  • Material thickness : 1.0mm thick
  • Accessory : OBD / Air Filter / Air Damper
Product Details


  • Frame & Inner Core: High quality extruded aluminum alloy(A6063) sheet.


  • The frame and blades are constructed with high quality extruded aluminum profiles, which
    have the advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.
  • The inner core fixed centrally to the frame. Inner core can be easily removed and fixed by one
    side with aluminum pin and the other with steel spring. This removable structure provides
    easy installation, maintenance and access to the duct.
  • The flow mode can be adjusted for horizontal flow by expanding the cone or vertical flow by
    shrinking the cone.
  • It can be used for ceiling or exposed pipe installation, especially when installation requires an
    adjustable mode.


Surface Finish:

  • Powder coated color finish as per RAL color
  • standard color: RAL9016, 9010
  • Natural anodized aluminum finish

Material thickness:

  • 1.2mm

round ceiling air diffuser


  • Any size available
  • Over face size= Neck size +150mm
Item code Neck Size=A(mm) Face Size=C(mm)   B (mm)
RD-A1-80 80 230 170
RD-A1-100 100 250 190
RD-A1-150 150 300 240
RD-A1-230 230 380 320
RD-A1-250 250 400 340
RD-A1-300 300 450 390
RD-A1-350 350 500 440
RD-A1-380 380 530 470
RD-A1-450 450 600 540
RD-A1-500 500 650 590

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