air grille

Hvac System Aluminum Removeable 0 Degree Linear Bar Air Grille For Ventilation

Function:Ventilaion Material:Aluminum Size:Customized Size Surface finish:Powder Coating

Product Specification:
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Product Details

*The frame & blades are high quality extruded aluminum profiled construction with advantages of corrosion
resistance and rigidity.
Surface Finish:
*Powder coated
*Customized colour
*Standard size
*Any size available

Q1: What products do you mainly produce?
A: We are focus on producing hvac ventilation air grilles, ceiling air diffusers, air vent covers, air dampers
& accessories, flexible ducts, access panels and so on.
Q2: I have a project, but I don't know which product is suitable, can you recommend for me?
A: You can send the drawings to us, we have professional engineers to answer your questions and
recommend suitable products. We have one-stop procurement, please feel free to send your
requirements to us.
Q3: Can you change the design of this product?
A: Of course,you need to provide more pictures and information to us as much as possible. We
have experienced designers who are specially responsible for it, and can perfectly restore the
design you want.
Q4: I like this product very much, but the freight is too high. Is it better to buy it locally?
A: If you have a forwarder in China, we can ship the goods to your forwarder.
A: If you buy other products from other companies in China, you can share the container with our products.
A: It is more cost-effective to buy in bulk. If you are worried about the quality, you can place a sample order first.
A: If it is for home use, the quantity is not large, can not afford the freight, it is recommended to buy locally.
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