Customed Hvac Heat Resistant Self Adhesive Silver Aluminum Foil Tape For Air Ducting Manufacturers AT

Hvac waterproof self adhesive aluminum foil duct tapes are engineered with an aggressive, long lasting, pressure-sensitive adhesive that demonstrates superior bonding when exposed to both sub-zero and elevated temperatures.

Product Specification:
  • Adhesive : Acrylic
  • Adhesive Side : Single Sided, Single layer
  • Adhesive Type : Water Activated
  • Material : ALUMINIUM FOIL, Aluminum foil
  • Feature : Heat-Resistant, self adhesive / fireproof
  • Thickness : From 51~73 μm
  • :
Product Details


  • Backed with soft aluminum, adhesive acrylic, colored bright silver, lined with easy release paper
Item Product Structure
Aluminumfoil Dry glue total thickness
AT503 16um 35um 51um
AT602 23um 38um 61um
AT702 30um 38um 68um
AT802 35um 38um 73um
AT902 50um 38um 88um


Product performance description:

  • Our high quality, high tensile strength premium aluminum foil tape has the advantage of being strong,
    cold resistant, equipped with flexible and suitable aluminum foil thickness and industrial grade adhesive
    liners. Super sticky, make you more convenient to use.

aluminium foil tape waterproof


  • Aluminum foil tape for difficult to adhere to surfaces such as low surface energy substrates, Resists
    flame, resists moisture, resists weather, resists UV degradation, chemical resistant tape, thermally
    conductive tape for heating and cooling efficiency, Automotive, Aerospace, HVAC, Appliance, Metal
    Finishing, Electronics, Recreational Vehicle, Construction, General Industrial sealing, seaming,
    shielding, chemical stripping, harness wrapping, joining, vibration damping, , plastic protection, ,
    heat shielding, heat reflecting, paint stripping

aluminum tape for dryer vent

Product usage introduction:

  • Widely applicable, it is generally used for sealing of hot and cold air pipes (high quality HVAC tape),
    insulation of aluminum air pipes, aluminum alloy sealing, stainless steel and plastic joints/joints,
    temporary repair of metal surfaces, copper pipe fixing, etc.
  • Wide applicability to meet your daily needs.


self adhesive aluminium tape

heat resistant aluminum tape

aluminum tape for insulation

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