semi-rigid flexible duct

Customed Hvac Ventilation Stretchable Heat Resistant Venting Pipe Semi Rigid Aluminum Flexible Duct SFD

Semi rigid aluminum flexible ventilation ducting can be cut to length of specific venting application, suitable for exhaust venting, bathroom venting, range hoods, suspended ceilings and more.

Product Specification:
  • Standard Length : 3 m (10 Ft)
  • Standard Diameters Range : 4 to 20 Inch
  • Air Velocity : Max 30 m/sec
  • Thickness : 1.00, 1.20 & 1.40 mm
  • Temperature Range : -70/+220℃
  • Operating Pressure : +10.000 Pa
Product Details

Semi rigid aluminum flexible ventilation ducting


  • Semi-rigid aluminum flexible Duct (SFD)
  • The flexible circular pipe is the result of spiral profile aluminum tape, connected using a triple overlapping lock


  • Multiple uses - dryer, bathroom or kitchen ventilation
  • Semi-rigid but flexible, easy to install
  • Resistant to high temperature

semi rigid exhaust flexible duct

Technical specification:

Air velocity: 30m/s (max)
Temperature range: -70℃ to '+220℃
Operating pressure: 3000Pa (max)
Fire resistance: yes
Standard length: 10m

semi-rigid flexible aluminium duct

semi rigid aluminum flexible hose ductsemi rigid duct range hood

Semi-rigid air conditioning flexible aluminum duct



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